Always at hand

Clever’s app gives you a smooth ride every time on Denmark’s best charging station network. Our app makes it even easier to charge your car and comes with a load of helpful features.

The Clever app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Charge on Denmark’s best charging network

With Clever’s app in your pocket, you’re never far from a charge point in Denmark’s best charging network.

The current version has the following features: 

  • Pay for charging directly in the app using a credit card, Apple Pay, Swish, Vipps or Google Pay
  • Search for standard, fast and ultra-fast charging stations (11-300 kW)
  • Filter the charging station map by plug types your car uses (Type 1, Type 2, CCS and CHAdeMO)
  • Navigate to your chosen charging station with Google Maps
  • Get step-by-step instructions when using a charging station you’re not familiar with

Use your phone to charge

Prices for charging with the Clever app

The price for charging with the Clever app follows the price of Clever Go - but unlike Clever Go, you pay immediately for the individual charge instead of once per month.

Normal and fast charging from charging stations with a maximum power of up to 99 kW costs DKK 3.19 per kWh.*

Ultra-rapid charging at charging stations with a maximum power of up to 100 kW costs DKK 4.69 per kWh.

*Please note that we reserve DKK 224 on your account when you start charging with the app. 
Once charging is complete, we deduct your consumption from the reserved amount and refund the remaining amount.